Update #1

Aug 31, 2022

This is a behind the scenes look of EliteFTS SWIS Symposium 2022 and why you should be there. This will be a constant updated background story of EliteFTS SWIS Symposium 2022. What will be covered in this behind the scenes journey is....

How the symposium all put together.

Who is presenting and why. 

What benefits will I get from each presenter.

The background logistics of audio/visual, hotel set up, video production team.

Which sponsors will be there and what product or service do they provide that will help me.

The new Health and Fitness meetup for each city to help network with other professionals in your area that you have never heard of or met.

The new Business stream to help you become Business Resilient in the upcoming potential recession.

Walk with Dr. Ken Kinakin... as I take you along this incredible journey of putting on EliteFTS SWIS Symposium 2022.

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